Charcoal face masks

Deep cleaning or… maybe not so much. Like most 18 year old girls my skin is far from perfect so the last two weeks I have been trying out a few different makes to see if charcoal is really the right mask for me.FACEMARK3.jpg


Shells– natural science. Get the worst one out of the way first. Honestly this really is not the best. Fair enough it was super cheap so i already didn’t have high expectations. If anything i felt like it blocked my pores even more. It was hard to pull off. The instruction said to leave on for 20-30 minutes so i left it on for 30 till it was completely dry. Then i found it really hard to get off. It doesn’t peel off easily, plus call me a baby but it really hurt to take off. I wasn’t in love with the smell, my boyfriend explained it to smell like paint…. not very natural at all. It would only be acne purifying due to the fact i had to wash my face even more after the use to get off the black. Give it a go for yourself it might just be my skin type but it was not my favourite.facemarks boots.jpg

Boots Charcoal Facemarks– LOVE!! Tea tree, witch hazel and all natural ingredients. Nothing about it looks or smells artificial. Even though this one is a wash off and not peel off i really think its deep cleaning. I definitely noticed less black heads after a couple nights of using it. Its different to other ‘all natural’ facemarks the texture to the one was more smooth so its much easier to apply. Personally i just apply with my fingers but i did try with a makeup brush just to see if it was easy to wash out and it was. This one only took 15 minutes to dry and it actually does so its super quick to fit in to your night time skin care routine.facemark2.jpg

Toulifly- Now this was one of my many impulse buys off Amazon. It came in the post quick and in really nice packaging. I was surprised with the results. Now this is strong stuff. Does the job! I would only put it on my chin, nose and not over all of the face. This because its very thick and pulls your black heads and your hair, now that can be painful. But beauty is pain darlings!! You only need it on the surfaces of your face where you have black heads as it does not help any spots. The instructions say to leave on for 15-20 but i left it on for a little longer till it was fully dry. I don’t know how natural it is as i don’t recognise many ingredients but it works!

Verity xxx





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