This months favourites

Hello everyone. I haven’t blogged is agessss so I thought I would get straight back into it with some of my make up favourites.

Naked heat

Browns, reds, rose gold sparkling greatness! Let’s start with the packaging…. out of all the naked pallets I like this packaging the most. I much prefer the hard casing even though it’s heavy, it’s much easier to keep clean in your make up bag. Plus it looks super cute and goes with the whole heat theam. This is the perfect warm pallet. I’ve had it for awhile now and I’ve managed to create so many looks. However it’s my favourite pallet just for an everyday smokey bronze look. Perfect for my blue eyes. I’m definitely the kinda girl not to leave the house without eye shadow on. Even if it’s just defining the crease with shade ‘SAUCED’ with a big fluffy brush and then going back onto the eye with ‘HE DEVIL’ just on the corners of the eyes. All the matt shades are so pigmented but the shimmering shades are not my favourites.  The shimmy shades are just not shiny enough for the looks I like to create. This is definitely the pallet for you if you like warm looks and like to keep it neutral. IMG_1999

With this look I created my wing with the shade ‘ASHES’ on an angled brush. As it’s not as strong as a black liner and I didn’t want this look to be too hard on the eye.


Clinique beyond perfecting

This is my favourite foundation that I wear everyday. As a young teenage girl I really didn’t have the best skin and I always used cheap Superdrug foundation!! It just kept making my skin rubbish and myself break out. Since I’ve been using Clinique foundation I’ve seen my skin get so much better. I think because it’s a foundation and a concealer with  amazing coverage I’m not having to put so many layers on my face. I’ve been  using this product for two years now as my everyday foundation. Generally don’t use any other foundation… Im going to stick with what works well with my skin.

Kat Von D concealer

NOT USE DAILY!! I repeat… do not use this daily. This is strong stuff people. This ‘lock it’ concealer is very thick. It’s very high  coverage as that’s what you would expect from Kat Von D. I’ve used it twice so far… on a night out with a full face of make up on and a date night to highlight my features more. I mean it’s good if you wear a lot of make up everyday but I feel like if I was to up this on everyday with my foundation it would just be too heavy on my skin. I just used it as normal concealer when contouring my face. I think it looked nice  specially on photos!! For a special occasion I’ll definitely be using it again!


So there we are… some of my favourite makeup. Some old, some new.

thank you,

veriy xxx




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