Vegan Pancakes

YUMMY!!!! I’m a vegan and I don’t often treat myself to anything ‘bad’ but these pancakes are a joke. I thought I would share the recipe and everyone can give them a go. I promised they taste just like normal pancakes.



-450g of plain flour

-3/4 table spoons of sugar

-1 tea spoon of baking powder

-750ml of soya milk

-some cooking oil

Im not a massive cook and I don’t have tons of cooking accessories in my kitchen. The one thing I made room for in my kitchen is my  measuring cup. I’ve actually baked a few things just using this cup. Really helpful and easy to wash.

In my bowl I mixed together flour, sugar and baking powder till smooth. My mix is pretty runny.

I then but oil in a hot pan and cook these pancakes beautiful. 

I toped my pancakes with maple syrup and fruit I have in. Obviously a light sprinkle of sugar aswell!!


Any left over I put in the fridge and can eat over the next few days.

Verity xx


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